Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Zisha Teapots

Compiled from Origins of Chinese Tea and Wine
        The early teapots were modified from existing water or white containers, and were rather big. Teapots were also called chazhu (tea fill). They were beautiful works of art decorated with pictures of nature, flora and fauna. Teapots eventually became smaller, as people realized the smaller teapots allowed the flavour of the tea leaf to reach its full potential.

        The renowned Zisha (purple sand) teapots are made from sandstone clay with a high iron content from the Yixing region. The earthenware can preserve the colour, smell and taste of the tea and prevent it from going stale. Moreover, their designs are elegant and classic, which makes it easy to see why these teapots can give tea lovers a complete sensory experience in taste, smell and sight. 

The types of Zisha teapots

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