Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Types of Tea Houses

Compiled from Origins of Chinese Tea and Wine

  1. Sichuan tea house. In Sichuan, whether in big cities or in small towns, one can enjoy Sichuan drama, oratorical performances, ballad singing, recitals and puppet shows.
  1. Beijing tea house. There are many types of tea houses in Beijing – literary tea houses, basic tea houses, large tea houses, village tea houses and even tea houses for chess!
  1. Hangzhou tea house. In Hangzhou, the tea houses, called ‘tea rooms’ have a cultured atmosphere. Topics discussed include the art of tea drinking and preparation. Xihu Longjing tea is favoured in Hangzhou.
  1. Guangzhou tea house. Guangzhou tea houses are known for breakfast with tea. A variety of tit-bits is provided. In fact, the main focus is tasty food: tea is only served as part of the service.

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