Saturday, 30 November 2013

Various Kinds of Silk

Compiled from Origins of Chinese Art and Craft
Silk is a generic term for silk products. There are many kinds of silk. Below are some examples.

  1. Jin
It’s texture is the heaviest and richest. It is the representative of traditional Chinese silk. This type of silk gives the weaver a sense of pride.

  1. Luo
It’s texture is light, making it an ideal choice of fabric for summer.

  1. Ling (damask silk)
This is a type of ultra-thin silk with patterns. Besides being used in clothing, it is also used in the mounting of calligraphy.

  1. Juan (tough, thin silk)
This refers to silk products made from unprocessed silk. The fabric is thin yet tough. It is mainly used in the mounting of calligraphy.

  1. Sha (gauze)

The grains are criss-crossed. The fabric is light, soft and transparent. The costumes of officials were mostly made with this fabric. The headdress of the officials was known as the black gauze cap, which later signified an official post.

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