Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Benefits of The Various Types of Tea

Compiled from Origins of Chinese Tea and Wine
1.  Green Tea
·         Relieves fever and controls infection
·         Prevents cancer
·         Retards growth of cancer cells
·         Reduces cholesterol level
·         Protects against cardiovascular diseases
·         Reduces incidence of tooth decay
·         Combats radiation
·         High composition of Vitamin C

In modern life, people tend to be highly reliant on computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. For this reason, they may be exposed to a certain amount of radiation, which may have a deleterious effect on their physical well-being. Green tea possesses certain elements that helps to produce antibodies against infection, and promotes blood circulation. Moreover, it increases the production of white corpuscles and defends against the effects of radiation. 

2.  Oolong Tea
·        Reduces obesity
·        Improves complexion
·        Reduces effects of aging
·        Increases resistance to infection
·        Prevents tooth decay

Everywhere, the use of Oolong tea to aid in slimming has become very popular. It contains certain elements which absorbs carbohydrates and sugar, and develops substitutes for them. People whose diets contain of high proportion of fat and other substances that cause high cholesterol levels can benefit from drinking tea, particularly Oolong tea. Apart from preventing of obesity, it lowers the absorption of cholesterol in the blood.

3.  Black Tea
Black tea helps digestion and improves appetite, relieves phlegm and promotes longevity. It helps to reduce cholesterol and improve blood circulation. It also kills bacteria and germs, thus combating infection. It is beneficial to the urinary system and bowels.

4.  Scented Tea
Other than the normal benefits of tea, each scented tea have has its own specific benefits. Jasmine tea promotes mental alertness and stabilizes the nervous system. It helps to reduce feelings of nausea and tedium. Bitter orange tea helps with digestion and strengthens the stomach. It relieves phlegm and improves respiration. Rose tea promotes blood circulation in the body. Osmanthus tea helps increases mental alertness and has a tranquilizing effect in stabilizing the nervous system and mental functions.

5.  Compressed Tea

Among compressed tea, Pu’er tea and Lun tea help in slimming, reduces cholesterol level and prevent heart and blood circulation diseases. Apparently, there were even reports saying that French ladies loved drinking Pu’er tea. In fact, they supposedly called it ‘Fat Reduction Tea’ or ‘Body Slimming Tea.’ 

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