Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Making of Dunzi

Looking like a brick, the ‘Dunzi’ is a basic measurement for the formulation of clay and glazes. The average weight of a Dunzi is about 2 kilograms, which makes it convenient for the formulation of raw materials in proportions later.

Pic 1 - The board and brick-like mould for making of Dunzi.

Pic 2 - Determining the amount of clay needed

Pic 3 - The forcing of the (chunk of) clay into the mould

Pic 4 & 5 - The removal of excess clay with a cutting wire

Pic 6 & 7 - Disassembling of the mould

Pic 8 

Pic 9 

Pic 10 

Pic 8 - Removal of the Dunzi

Pic 9&10 - The cleaning of the mould

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