Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Photos of Chinese Jade from The Neolithic to the Qing


Liangzhu culture (circa 2500 B.C.), Neolithic 

Dark grey-green and brown opaque stone, highly polished

H: 20.3cm, W: 8.2cm


Shang (circa 1300-1200 B.C.)

Bright green jade with black areas, and others

showing alteration to white

L: 11.8cm, W: 5.5cm

Dragon pendant

Shang (circa 1200 B.C.)

Pale green and grey translucent jade with altered

areas running along veins in the stone

W: 5.1cm

One of a pair of dragon-shaped pendants

Eastern Zhou (4th century B.C.)

Dark green jade almost completely altered to pale brown

H: 7.8cm, L: 12.4cm

Belt Hook

Eastern Zhou (4th-3rd century B.C.)

Silvered and gilt-bronze inlaid with jade opaques

L: 19cm, W: 3cm


Late Ming or Qing (17th century)

Grey-green opaque jade with black veining

H: 17cm, L: 37.3cm

Brush Holder

Qing (18th century)

Rich dark translucent green

Diameter: 19cm

 Depicted from Arts of Asia Nov-Dec 1995
Photographs courtesy of Sir Joseph Hotung

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