Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Zhuanxu – The 2nd of the 5 Legendary Rulers Who Ushered in the Age of Chinese Civilization

Compiled from The Great Chinese Emperors
        Zhuanxu’s reign was titled Gaoyang. His father, Changyi, was Leizu’s child. Although Huangdi had more than 20 sons, he chose Zhuanxu, his grandson, as his heir because of his outstanding abilities. In those days, shamans had great influence over the people, and each would freely interpret the signs of the times, causing panic and confusion among the people. As part of his religious reform, Zhuanxu sent his two sons, Zhong and Li to ‘destroy the road to Heaven’ and assert that the king himself was God.
        During his reign, Gonggong, a descendant of Yangdi, who ruled in the territories in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, refused to abdicate. Zhuanxu and Gonggong fought at Mount Zhou, and Gonggong lost. Zhuanxu was adept at using his influence to boost the spirits of the people. He brought law and order, and consolidated the power of the central authority. He ruled for 78 years and was buried in Guangyangli of Puyang.


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