Friday, 20 December 2013

Christie's New York Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on March 20th, 2001

Above: (Left) Lot 24, white jade bowl and cover, Qianlong, Diameter: 13 cm, US$ 41,125

(Right) Lot 30, pale greyish-green jade figure of an immortal, 18th century, H: 19.3 cm, US$25,850 

Above: (Left) Lot 59, pair of Imperial enamel, gilt-copper and glass cache pots of lingzhi fungus, Qianlong, H: 45.7 cm, US$110,500

(Right) Lot 98, lacquered wood figure of a seated luohan, Ming Dynasty, H: 106.7 cm, US$ 28,200

Above (Left) Lot 110, blue-glazed pottery water buffalo and boy group, Tang Dynasty, H: 16.5 cm, Included in the sale of Lot 102 for US$ 1,381,000

(Right) Lot 117, blue and sancai-glazed pottery figure of a court lady with a mirror, Tang Dynasty, H: 29.8cm, Included in the sale of Lot 102 for US$ 1,381,000 

Above (Left) Lot 156, bronze ritual wine jar, fanglei, late Shang/early Western Zhou Dynasty, 

H: 63.6 cm, US$ 9,246,000

(Top Right) Lot 166, painted red pottery 'footed' jar, Neolithic Period, H: 12cm, US$ 32,900

(Bottom Right) Lot 223, Wucai dragon brushrest, Wanli six-character mark and period, Width: 14.2 cm, US$ 30, 550

(Left) Lot 237, blue and white cylindrical vase, Yongzheng six-character mark and period, 

H: 26.7 cm, US$ 215,000

(Right) Lot 245, Ming style blue and white moon flask, Qianlong, H: 40cm, US$ 105,000 


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