Monday, 9 December 2013

Huangdi - The 1st of the 5 Legendary Rulers Who Ushered in the Age of Chinese Civilization

Compiled from The Great Chinese Emperors

        Huangdi, better known as the Yellow Emperor, was named Gongsun Xuanyuan. As he had settled down by the waters of Ji, he changed his surname to Ji and gave his reign the title of Xiong. Many achievements were attributed to him:
  • He invited capable men to help him innovate and rule the country.
  • He commissioned Changjie to develop the written word, which contributed greatly to the growth of Chinese culture.
  • With Qibo, he studied the art of healing and compiled The Yellow Emperor’s Medicine Classic.
  • He divided the year into its four seasons, and called every 60-year cycle a jiazi. The calendar served to guide the people in the timing of ploughing and harvesting.
  • Huangdi’s wife, Leizu, was instructed to turn silk into fabric so that the people could be protected from the cold during winter.
  • He taught the people to build houses to cope with the annual floodwaters, and designed carriages and boats for better transport. Under his rule, buffaloes were used or ploughing, and horses for drawing carriages.
  • He advocated peace and avoided war at all times. However, there was one instance where he dealt a hard blow on Chiyou from the south in order to subdue the rebel who was a threat to peace.

During his reign, the people enjoyed peace and prosperity. With his extensive travels and influence, he ushered in the age of civilization for the Chinese people. Huangdi was 111 years old when he died and was buried in Huangling County in Shaanxi.

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