Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Diku – The 3rd of the 5 Legendary Rulers Who Ushered in the Age of Chinese Civilization

Compiled from The Great Chinese Emperors
        Diku’s reign was Gaoxin. A great grandson of Huangdi, Diku became king at the age of 30 and followed the system of government set up by Huangdi and Zhuanxu. It was said that he refused to wear the crown and the king’s robes until he was satisfied that the people’s welfare had improved.
        He created new official posts with clear demarcated duties relevant to the society of his time. These included the 5 ministries: The Ministry of Land, The Ministry of Forestry, The Ministry of Waters, The Ministry of Metal Ores and The Ministry of Fire. He would personally conduct frequent inspections to ensure that the country was well-run.

        After observing the Heavens and the changes in the four seasons, he charted a revised calendar which benefited farming. Diku ruled the country with benevolence, and won the people’s support with his integrity. There was peace and the people lived in abundance. Under his rule, musicians played the new songs Jiuzhao, Liulie and Wenying.  

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