Tuesday, 8 March 2016

China: Faking It

Among some of the interesting things highlighted in the 26-minute documentary 'China: Faking it' were:

Ø     How a new enthusiastic crowd of collectors are entering the antiques market
Ø     How the Chinese are trying to buy back part of their ‘history’
Ø     99.99% of what we see in the market is fake according to Nicolas Chow of Sotheby’s
Ø     The piecing together of the history of Hongshan, China’s oldest civilization through the study of jade artifacts found alongside the skeletal remains at an excavation site turned museum.
Ø     The constant challenge of differentiating between real and fakes.
Ø     A tour of an exaction site by a government official where items from the Qing Dynasty workshop were discovered.
Ø     Really good Ming and Qing era fakes can be made in Jingdezhen.
Ø     All auction houses have fakes.

Ø     In this complex market, clients must also educate themselves.

Below is the link to the documentary:

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