Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Emperor Taizu - The Emperor Draped With the Imperial Yellow Robe by His Supporters

Some quick facts about this emperor:

Ø      A rustic born into a military man’s family in turbulent times.
Ø      A rebel at first, he became emperor with the support of his men.
Ø      Reunified a fragmented China and laid the foundation to a prosperous Song Dynasty.
Ø      Implemented a series of political and economic reforms.
Ø      Died unexpectedly at the age of 49.

     Who was he?

Thoughts of the day:

  1. Zhao Kuangyin was unable to unify China during his reign. What happened later?
  2. What steps did Zhao Kuangyin take to prevent a recurrence of a coup which brought him to power?

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