Thursday, 12 June 2014

Big Appeal of Small Markets by Kelly Tey

Compiled from The Star

There was a time when weekend flea markets within a commercial complex were unheard of in the Malaysian shopping scene.
The concept of n informal gathering of people coming together to buy, sell, and trade used or old goods under one roof was completely foreign.
It all changed in 1998 when Amcorp Mall set out to create an indoor antiques market inspired by one of the most iconic antiques market in the world — the Portobello Road market in the United Kingdom.
Amcorp’s infant flea market started slowly, with just a handful of pioneering antique enthusiasts displaying their prized possessions in the mall’s lower ground level.
Sixteen years later, the number of traders has soared to about 300, and the space it takes up has grown from one floor of the mall to four.
The idea of flea markets has also visibly grown on Malaysians.

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