Saturday, 13 November 2021

Zhao Yun Single-handedly Saves His Lord (The Three Kingdoms)


Zhao Yun returned to the battlefield in search of Liu Bei's wives and son. He found Lady Gan easily and entrusted someone to bring her back to Liu Bei. He then continued his search for Lady Mi and Ah Dou.
He soon found a wounded Lady Mi and Ah Dou hiding behind a broken wall. Upon seeing him, she quickly instructed Zhao Yun to take Ah Dou and flee. Before he could convince her to leave with him, she threw herself into a well, and hurt her leg.

It turned out she wanted him to focus on getting her son safely back to Liu Bei, and Zhao Yun promised her he would do just that. He charged courageously through enemy lines and killed more than 50 soldiers in succession.

Upon reaching the Long Slope Bridge, Zhang Fei was there, waiting to take over on the battlefield while he brought Ah Dou safely back to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei was very upset that he had nearly lost a great general and threw Ah Dou onto the ground. Thankfully, Zhao Yun managed to catch him in time. Deeply moved by Liu Bei's actions, Zhao Yun vowed to work for Liu Bei from then on.

- Compiled from The Three Kingdoms

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