Saturday, 6 November 2021

Liu Bei leaves Xinye (The Three Kingdoms)


Not long after, Cao Cao led 500,000 troops towards Liu Bei's location. It was right around this time that Liu Biao of Jingzhou had just passed away, and his successor, Liu Zong surrendered to Cao Cao. Liu Bei took the people of Xinye with him and fled to Fancheng. But faced with persistent attacks from Cao Cao's army, he had to abandon Fancheng. He then led the people of Xinye and Fancheng towards Jiangling. Zhuge Liang sent Guan Yu to Jiangxia to borrow troops. However, after waiting in vain for more than half a month, Zhuge Liang personally led 500 troops to Jiangxia. Despite slow progress in Liu Bei's camp, he refused to forsake them. At this time, Cao Cao's vanguard troops attacked. Liu Bei quickly placed himself at the front of his troops, but they were encircled by the enemy. Suddenly, Zhang Fei broke through the tight encirclement and saved Liu Bei. Unfortunately, only slightly more than 100 of Liu Bei's troops survived the attack, much to Liu Bei's despair. - Compiled from The Three Kingdoms

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