Saturday, 20 November 2021

Zhang Fei Triumphed at Long Slope Bridge (The Three Kingdoms)


As the enemy approached, they saw Zhang Fei alone at the head of the bridge. They thought it might be an ambush. When Zhang Fei challenged Cao Cao's army to a fight to the death, they were terror-stricken, and fled.
In turned out Zhang Fei only had 20 soldiers with him. He had gotten them to run in the forest, dragging branches behind them to raise dust. This had caused the enemy to suspect they were walking into an ambush.
As he was worried Cao Cao's army would give chase, Zhang Fei gave an order to destroy the bridge. When Liu Bei heard about this, he panicked. He knew that the destruction of the bridge would be a dead giveaway about their ruse.
When Cao Cao realised he had been fooled, he immediately gave chase. Liu Bei and the rest rushed to Hanjin, with Cao Cao's army hot on their heels.
Suddenly, Guan Yu appeared with a big army of troops. It turned out Guan Yu had gone to Jiangxia for help and successfully returned with a legion of troops. He had been waiting to ambush Cao Cao and his troops under the instruction of Zhuge Liang.
Shortly after that, Zhuge Liang arrived with a line of fighting ships to send to Liu Bei to Jiangxia.

- Compiled from The Three Kingdoms

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